Staff Selection Commission exam paper leaking in Delhi Four arrested

Four arrested for allegedly leaking a Staff Selection Commission exam paper in Delhi

Delhi: After the protest against alleged “mass cheating” in examination four people have been arrested by police.

There is a case of system hacking in Delhi of staff selection commission and leaking of this paper which was made for exams. Hacking is an illegal process so there should be taken some serious actions on it.

Polices has arrested for men on the Tuesday night which were involved in hacking to system and leaking of question paper.

This commission was made to conduct exams of recruitment to the central government.

One person has reported that this action was taken by Delhi police and Uttar Pradesh police and they completed their operation in Timarpur. This is all because of this action by police that involved persons have been arrested. After this there will be a process of investigation so that everything will be clear.

The police have taken an action and seized 10 mobile phones, laptops, dongles, different documents and also a cash worth fifty-one lacs. Also these things have been seized by police by these four men.

Said by the police, almost 150 people were hired by a man to hack the system to get the staff selection commission paper. After that they solved it and leaked it. NDTV has also reported that this illegal team has charged each candidate 10 lacs to 15 lacs for this paper.

A police has also filed a case against the men under the act of information technology. After arresting them investigation has also started by police.

The question paper which was leaked was of examination of staff selection commission which was held on 21st February 2019. A government has ordered the inquiry team to investigate in this case. Central board of investigation is an investigating authority of this case.

There is a need to take Some serious actions against such type of issues to not to let such problems happen again.


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