CBSE class 12th Economics re-examination Date

CBSE class 12th Economics re-examination on April 25; decision on Class 10th in 15 days

The re-examination of class 10th Economics is going to be conducted by CBSE on 25th march 2020. While the decision of retaking of 10th class examination is not final yet. It is said by government body that if retaking of 10th class examination will have held it will be in July, and it will only be conducted for Delhi- NCR and Haryana.

The decision of retaking of class 10th mathematics exam is still pending. HDR ministry had said that the decision of retaking will be announced within next 15 days. Retaking of examination will be only for Delhi NCR and Haryana.

This issue was arrived because in last few days’ paper leak was happened due to it government and board had decided to retake these exams of which papers was leaked.

Congress youth leaders and students have protested against this matter, and asked CBSE for some serious actions as soon as possible against those who were part of spoiling future of students.

It is said by HDR minister Prakash javadekar in his tweets that, government has decided not to take retake exam nationwide but in Delhi and Haryana. This decision has been taken after long discussion.

It is also said by the police that if retake of exam will be held it will only be conducted in Delhi and Haryana. Most probably if retaking of examination of 10th class will happen it will be in a month of July 2020. While the retaking of 12th class economics exam will be on 25th march 2020.

The opposition has taken the advantage of this matter and attacked on government by saying that prime minister Narendra Modi, should write a book now named “Exam warriors” to help students and parents to relief their stress, because their lives have been spoiled after this issue of paper leak.

The CPI(M) has also said that the educational system of the country was under threat. He has also showed his concerns with this paper leak matter.

Police is working hard to solve this issue as soon as possible because there is a great stress by opposing against government. Police has asked almost 35 in the last few days. This investigation included coaching center’s owners, students and tutors and other people who may have link with this paper leak.


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