CBSE 2020 exam papers leak

Top developments on CBSE exam papers leak matter

Highlights: The central board of secondary education has announced the dates of retest of examination after the news of paper leaks. CBSE is going to conduct economics exam of 12th class again while the retest of 10th class mathematics is not confirmed yet. But there is some news related to it that exam of 10th class will also b taken again. Police has started an investigation related to this paper leak. Here are some developments regarding this matter.

Delhi: It is reported that police crime branch of Delhi has recognized 10 WhatsApp groups each with almost 50-60 members in it.

The matter of leak of 10th class mathematics and 12th class economics paper has left students and their families in a big trouble. They are quite worried about what will happen next now. Here is a news by CBSE that board has announced the new dates of conduction of these exams again. Also, there is a great pressure on government by opposition.

According to the news Jharkhand police has imprisoned 9 people in Jharkhand who have connection with this paper leak matter they will be held answerable by juvenile justice board. Three people have been arrested on the base of Indian penal code while the other nine who are underage are arrested under the act of juvenile.

superintendent of Police in Charta district said on paper leak that they have arrested three people under provisions of IPC while ten people who are underage are arrested under a juvenile act. Inquiry by SIT is still in process.

Protest: several students have protested the paper leak matter. They blocked the traffic in different areas on Saturday. As well as few days ago, students and congress youth leaders also held protest this paper leak.

Delhi police has also asked the google about this paper leak matter and got a email of some images which was sent to CBSE chairperson. These questions were handwritten while the email was send by a id which was made on Gmail.

Police has also asked almost 60 people who are related to this paper leak matter. Police has also checked those 10 WhatsApp groups in which paper were leaked and asked questions to the administers of these groups further investigation is in process.

deputy CM and education minister Manish Sisodia of Delhi has also written a letter to HRD minister Prakash Javadekar about this matter to conduct a meeting to discuss about this matter and possible solutions so that such type of paper issues will never happen again.


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