CBSE Board Class 10 Social Science exam 2020

CBSE Board Class 10 Social Science exam 2020: paper was not much difficult but quite complicated say by students

New Delhi: the exam of 10th class social science was conducted by the central board of secondary education. The exam duration was of 3 hours from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm.

We have asked the students about the paper and they said that the paper was lil bit difficult but was not every question. Few of them were very easy also said by the students. Some questions like question numbers 9,11,13 and 14 were little complicated but the rest was easy.

There were total 27 questions in class 10 social science paper in which three questions were map based of total five marks. They also said the map part was very easy and they completed their paper on time because time was managed by students very well.

Some of the students also said that they missed some questions because their time management was not good. Mostly questions were from important topics covered from NCERT. Most of the questions were from applications which wasn’t expected by the students.

As it is already said by the students that paper was bit difficult they also said that mostly examples were also asked with questions which was quite difficult for every student to attempt.

Some students also said that few questions were directly asked and some of them were quiet complicated which consumed a time to understand. And some of them said that the paper was very easy.

Most of the students also said that the paper was easy as compared to other papers. The paper was quite lengthy as well as complicated. The section which was from history was little difficult which wasn’t expected.

the exam of 10th class social science has started from 5th march, 2020 and social science paper was third paper. CBSE will conduct last paper of 10th class on April 4, 2020.

Almost 28,24,734 students are appearing from 10th and 12th class in CBSE exams this year. CBSE will conduct exams at 4,453 centres across India and 78 centres outside India for 10th class. Similarly, the board will conduct exams at 4,138 centres in India and 71 centres abroad for 12th class.


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