Shortage of Teachers in Indian School Oman

The Indian schools in Oman are been stuck in number of issues. Starting from the less space in school to compensate more students to the transport facility row, schools have to strive hard for the smooth running education business. Now! The news comes that Indian schools are facing shortage of teachers in the schools.

The main reason for this shortage is the delay in visas for teachers due to which pressure is gearing up on private schools.

Not only Indian but all Asian schools are facing such delay issues and normally, they have to wait for many months to arrange the visa for their called teacher from native country.

On the issue, one teacher told the media that we have to take a lot of burden of extra work and actually we are struggling in this situation. The teachers criticized the school authorized and said that they (school management) are taking us for granted.

According to teachers and officials in Oman, average schools have a shortage of 20 teachers – the teachers are waiting for visas.

Apart from teachers, the students also have to suffer as to compensate the shortage, combined class have been started by the school and more number of students are being taught in a single class.

The chairman of the Indian schools Oman, Wilson George neither confirms the news nor denies it and said that if we have to hire teachers, we have to take approvals from a number of departments –the process is very time consuming.

He said that we apply in lots that take much time. He added that Indian schools Oman have a pool of 1700 teachers and every year many more need to share the resources.

However, he confirmed that sections been have combined so that the situation could be controlled.

The chairman said that schools have to face similar issues including the in - time visa acquiring.

He briefed that here; the teachers have to get the approval from a number of departments unlike other sectors of working. He added that teachers have to get the attestations from many department of their native county than in Oman, the teachers have to follow the procedures of ministry of manpower and education. He clearly defined the situation by saying that we are not managing the situation, we are surviving.

The schools systems of Bangladesh and Pakistan also have to face the similar situation, in case, they want a teacher. Many visas are in process and the teachers and schools have to suffer a lot.

The greater responsibility here is of ministry of manpower and education to maximize the use of its system and grant the visas as soon as possible. In case, they exclude some requirement from the category of working visa or if they start a separate teacher’s visa, the situation can be much improved.

In every, country education gets the priority and teacher have been facilitated through several means.


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