Delhi Government – Trained School Principals

The Delhi government seems to be taking lead from other regional governments in the sector education. The Delhi capital is very small to govern and to deal with the affairs. However, the way, they have addressed the issues and the budget part, they allocated, looks very impressing.

Recently, a group of government school principals has returned from the Indian institute of management, Lukhnow. They have been sent there for training.

Under the Delhi government’s teachers training’s initiative, 60 school principals were sent to the IIM lukhnow for training.

The principals, who participated in the training, took part after coming back, in a meeting with Delhi education minister, Manish Sisodia. The personals of directorate of education were also present in the meeting. In the meeting, it is been underlined to conduct regular parents meetings to sensitize them about the women safety in the capital and then, in the meeting, it is also been decided to make subject specialist committees. These two are the primary plans to improve the education in the capital.

The education minister on the occasion said that his government wants to know the feedback of the principals that took part in the training. He said that feedback would be sent to the IIM lukhnow and soon, the teams from IIM lukhnow and Cambridge University will come to hold more sessions in the teachers training’s program.

He also urged the principals to be more critical while giving the feedback.

The minister also asked the principals to tell him the steps taken by them, after the motivation of the training.

Sarita Batra, principal of a girls school, said that mother of female students will be called after irregular intervals for discussion with schools.

She also said that the school authorities would education them about the issues around women safety.

Another school principal said that key performance indicator would be improved in the school.

A principal said that her school would try creative ways in teaching and students would be encouraged to read books and teach using the story telling.

This year, the Delhi’s government has planned and focused on teacher’s training. The principals in the next phase will be sent to Cambridge University for training session.
For the fiscal year 2016-17, the Delhi government has allocated 22.9 % of its total budget for education.
They key focus areas would be training of teachers and physical infrastructure.

The government has also designated 1000 million rupees for the international training of teachers and principals.

The steps taken by the Delhi government are really encouraging. Throughout India, the training area is not in the priority of the educational departments. The budget allocations are already less and in that budget, the focus is normally more to construct schools. The policy makers did not concern the main soul of teaching institution, “The Teacher”. Teachers’ capacity building must be given priority in the planning. The central government should include the training initiative in the coming budget.


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