Education Minister Questioned in Parliament

The minister for human resource development, Smriti Irani has rejected the demand to waive off the punishment of JNU students by the authorities of Jawahar Lal Nehru University. He cleared that it is a Pandora box and said that these institutions are autonomous and they have complete independency to handle the affairs.

The latest comment of her came out when the alleged students of JUNI who carried out the protest event against the hanging of Kashmiri activist Afzal Guru got punishment. The committee that was made by the JNU management, in the recommendation suggested the fine to the leader Kanhiya Kumar and rustication of other involve for a semester.

The question came about the JNU students during the session of debate on human resource ministry – during which the congress member Ananda Bhaskar Papolu said that students are waiting for Mrs. Irani’s Magnanimity for waiving off their punishments.

In the answer of question, the minister said that minister is just a mortal – tied up to parliament and this parliament does not allow any kind of intervention in the administrative affairs of the universities.

She requested to not make it a Pandora’s Box and said that let universities be autonomous.

The members of Rajya Sabha have asked the government to resolve the matter and advising the university management to re consider it’s decision that is very harsh, in case of some students.

On the “change of curriculum” issue, she said that there has been a “Sanskrit phobia “and government has not done anything to change the curriculum.

She cleared that in the circler to the IITs, only those parts of Sanskrit have been asked to pick up that have scientific knowledge.

She gave the example of a US university academia and said that foreigners come to Tamil Nadu for research on old geometry and even many Indian don’t know the work country has been done in various fields of science.

On the appointments made by the government in IITs, she defended the decisions by the government and said that her ministry only works as a secretariat of the presidency and the ministry just forwarded the name for vice chancellors.

She said that all the nominees for the post of directors in IITs are eminent people belonging to the fields of science, commerce and industry.

On the teachers promotion issues, she said that teachers promotion must be dependent on the promotion of its class and added that when the academic performance indicator would come, many teachers will cool down, who are agitating to this initiative.

She also said that centre is willing to provide the transport fee to take children to schools.

The leader of the JNU student’s union Kanhiya kumar is on the hunger strike and has entered the 8th day of without food against the punishments by the university management. The government must advice the university to waive off the punishment as this matter is taking unnecessary media hike.


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