Chandigarh Schools – No infrastructure

After the reports on media about the condition of city government schools of Chandigarh, the advisor Parimal Rai convened a meeting with the school education director Rubinderjit singh brar and district education officer Viney Sood to discuss the issues related to schools.

The meeting participants discussed various aspects of the situation and during meeting, 40 schools have been identified that have student classroom ratio more than 45. The officials also discussed the measures to be taken for the betterment.

After the meeting, the director Brar said that the problem is not of teachers but of the lack of basic infrastructure in schools.

He said that we have identified 40 schools and a committee has been formed to visit each of these schools to analyze the situation and to recommendation the ways so that students classroom ration could be brought down to 40.

In the list of schools, some schools also came into discussion in villages that have the SCR of 90:1. The proposals also been presented in the meeting to bringing down the ratio.

A recommendation has been acknowledged and has been forward to provide transport facility to school going children. Students did not enroll themselves in the distant schools due to the non availability of buses. The 50 schools where the education department is holding double shift also been discussed and the department has decided to try more opportunities to offer double shifts in schools that still are been running on the single shift.

The officials have decided to construct newer classrooms to the land that is available in schools. The schools that don’t have enough space for expansion, the department has suggested to look out for available land nearby schools where the new building could be constructed.

The sanctioned budget of the department is 1720 million approximately, out of which 110 million have been allocated for the construction of 62 new classrooms in schools across Chandigarh. 200 million are been allocated for the construction of sports complex in five schools of city government.

According to the department officials, four new schools constructions are in the pipeline and these schools are been made in Manumarha, Kishangar, sector 48 and sector 49.

The director of school education said that once these schools will become functional, the pressure on the other schools would be lowered by the transfer of nearby children to these schools, it would eventually help to minimize the SCR in some schools.

The education department is also working on a project of smart classrooms in the city government schools and 200 smart classes have been started in nine schools of city government.

The department must take a steady and fast action on the construction as the high SCR would impact the smooth learning practice of children and teachers could not perform better in such crowded class.

It is seen in the coming projects that there is no plan to counter the SCR in village schools. They should also be included in the future plan.


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