ENZ Initiative for India

The Indians have become one of the important outside communities in New Zealand. Thousands of students, every year, find their way to getting education in New Zealand universities. Not only education but in other sector of economy, both countries have partnerships and willing to expand the trade from existing level.

A week before, the president of India, Parnaab Mukherjee made a historic visit to New Zealand and he becomes the first president of Indian history to visit new Zealand.

During visit, apart from many collaboration and memorandum of understandings, the education and Indian students also came into discussion agenda and New Zealand showed its will to enhance the cooperation in education sector. During the visit of president, the minister of education, skills and employment of New Zealand announced the university scholarships for Indian students.

Now! After a week, the New Zealand has started to deliver in this regard and the education agency of New Zealand government has announced 35 scholarships for Indian scholars to get education at graduate and post graduate level in eight top New Zealand universities. The offered areas are fashion, business, mathematics, science and technology. This is actually the announcement of initiative by the education New Zealand for the Indian region. Education New Zealand wants to strengthen ties with India in the education sector and with precise focus on southern regions.

The brand ambassador of education new Zealand Stephen Fleming said on the scholarship announcement that he is working for education new Zealand from last 2 years and the growth of education network to India is very encouraging.

Indian students are the second largest source of international students in New Zealand universities. In the last year, 2015, nearly 21,000 students’ visas were issues to Indian – this is actually an increase of 20 % from 2014.

The increase and collaboration should be praised and even the 35 scholarships seem small as compared to population but the gesture the country is adorable.

Government should work with New Zealand on strengthening the ties in education sector as the higher education of Indian is striving for excellence. While on the other end, New Zealand has some world class universities and in certain areas of economy and industry, New Zealand has done well in recent past.

Instead of asking for collaboration government should make partnership with countries for education and a bond must be signed by the students, who would be selected, to return to India after education and teach in any university for the equal times that they are given scholarship in foreign country.

In this way, the government would be helped to compensate the rising youth number for higher education by sending them to foreign universities and then they can be used to fill the vacant faculty positions in government universities. The demand has become a serious issue. Other European countries must be approached for education collaborations as they feared about the corrupt bureaucratic elite for offering the scholarships.


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