Exam Paper issue in Lok Sabha

These days, in the session of lok sabha- the human resource development ministry is consistently answering the quires of the opposition members regarding the education matters. The practice is really good as without proper debate, nothing meaningful can be developed and induced in society.

From last some weeks, the issue of Class 10 math’s papers was in media. Some sections were complaining that class 10 paper of CBSE was out of syllabus and many questions that were asked, had not studied by the student in the academic session.

In lok sabha session, the union minister of human resource development, Smriti Irani in a written statement has cleared all the issue and said that the paper of the mathematics was completely based on syllabus.

She cleared that matter brought to the attention of the government after the reports that class 10 papers was tough and students have to try very hard for answering the questions.

She said that central board of secondary education had placed the paper before the committee of subjects experts – the committee after analyzing the paper concluded that paper was based on syllabus, curriculum and sample papers that were published by the board.

Apart from this question, reports had also come about the leakage of class 12 question papers.

She said that in newspapers, there had been reports about the leakage of the class 12 papers – on which the committee of subject experts was made to dig out the truth in this matter. She said that committee has concluded that that was no leakage of papers during the papers.

Before the clarification of the union minister, the central board of secondary education had itself termed the reports baseless. The report said that class 12 paper of mathematics had leaked that was held on 14 march 2016.

In the statement CBSE said that reports are baseless about the paper leakage and there has been no leakage of the question papers as only two questions matched with a paper set.

The statement cleared that it’s a co incidence.

The statement came after the newspaper reports that class math’s paper was in Ranchi and Dhanabad was available on the Watsapp and the some person were illegally selling out the 51 questions and answers near the examination centres of the board.
The matter caught the media hike, when the deputy chief minister of Delhi, Minish Sisodia had written to union minister Smriti irani about the leakage of papers and asked for complete investigation of the matter.

Although, after the statement of CBSE and Smirit Irani’s answer in the parliament, the matter is seem to be resolved. The opposition has to be matured that if they are asking for investigation, they must present some proves in the lok sabha, so that proper investigation could be possible.

The class 10 papers issue was also irrelevant that in class 10 if some questions are asked within the sphere of syllabus to check the mental capabilities then what’s the matter?


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