Fake universities in India

In a statement in rajya sabha, the government has said that there are 22 fake universities working in the country, from which 5 are in Delhi and 9 are in Utter Pradesh.

The government also cleared that state governments have been informed about this ill practice and for the necessary action.

The union minister for human resource development, Smriti Irani said that according to the available information by university grants commission, 22 fake universities are there in country and they are working, which is a clear violation UGC act of 1956.

The universities are in different states of country.

The minister said that apart from utter Pradesh and Delhi, two are in west Bengal, one each in Kerala, Bihar, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Odessa and Tamil Nadu.

She rejected the allegations that centre is not taking action against such universities and said that centre has fulfilled its duty and now it’s the duty of states for taking action against such universities.

She said that law and order situation is the responsibility of the states under the federal structure and no government till yet has said that it is not ready to take action against these universities.

She also briefed about the portal that has been started with the name of “knowYourCollege” along with a mobile application to provide the details about universities and colleges – in order to facilitate the students and bewaring them about the fake education institutes.

She said the action would be taken against complaints that will be received by the regulator.

She added that attempts are in pipeline so that we could interact with children directly without the portal to identify the fake institutions.
The minister said that human resource ministry is planning to write to ministry of foreign affairs to get the list of all fake education institutes abroad so that student could not go misguided.

She added that we will ask from the foreign office to write to all abroad missions for providing list of fake institutions so that students here can get the knowledge and could not be doped.

She said that issue of foreign collaborations of off campuses is in the knowledge of ministry and the actions have already been taken against the unauthorized centres.

The state government role here is questionable as in past years, they did not care to act against the fake universities. The fake universities are actually stealing the money of the students. After getting the degree from such institution, when the students went for degree check, the regulators did not certify that and students have to suffer.

The initiative of know your college is adorable and much needed in recent times, when private education regulators are misleading children.
The foreign office can help in this regard by providing the details with the help of foreign missions about the fake institutions. The human resource ministry should prepare the list of foreign fake institutions and must not rely on list once uploaded but to update it regularly should be real goal.


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