CBSE affiliated schools Agra – no counselors

The Central board of secondary education provides affiliations to schools in accordance with the rules & regulations of board. The schools that will get the affiliation have to fill certain requirements that are mandatory to continue the affiliation.

In 2014, the CBSE had made the full time appointment of counselors mandatory in all schools that are affiliated with it.

As per by the reports, the 40 % of all school in Agra that are affiliated with the CBSE, till have not appointed full time counselors. There are 67 schools in Agra that are affiliated with the central board.

Recently! CBSE has also designed a questionnaire to know the existing support facilities available in affiliated schools.

As the exams are near, the students are under pressure to get the maximum mark for admission, in this crucial time, the non availability of the counselors is not adding repute to the credibility of the board.

According to the CBSE public relation officer Rama Singh, the schools are expected to fill and send the questionnaire before 20th May.

 The CBSE ‘s resource person for Agra, Jagdish Sharma said that we have complaints that schools are not providing the student support system that is necessary by the rules of board.

He said that board has issued the letters to all the heads of affiliated schools and asked the details about the advising and counseling facilities for the students.

Jagdesh Sharma said board will decide to take action against the schools that would not submit the online questionnaire till 20th May.

In the circular of CBSE it is mentioned that the whole process of the development of children coincides with the schooling years and it is also the most defining phase of a child’s life.

The circular also said that the environment that the children are facing now a day’s gradually has become more complex and students of this era have to face different physical, social, emotional and interpersonal challenges, which need to be resolved as soon as possible.

The public relation officer of the CBSE has written that schooling is the only a part of entire education activity of a child but it is vital concern with meeting the instruction objectives.

The letter also includes that CBSE is not only the first but the only board in the country which provides psychological counseling services to students since 1998.

The program is divided in two phase. Phase 1 is designated to the time of preparation and during exams. Phase 2 starts near the exam results.

There are various modes for the facilitation of students like telephonic counseling, support material on website and online contact. Question and answers also been published in leading newspapers of the country.

This is not only the support to students and parents but actually an opportunity for the board to define the trend and induce the changings by analyzing the timely Reponses from the stakeholders.

The board must take action against those schools that violated rules and regulations.


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