Academic Performances Indicator

In the modern world and developed countries, the teaching methods and student’s evaluation procedures have been changed. They preferred the teachers, who did not only get numbers in the recruitment test, but they look for personality, aptitude for social change and the way the person teaches (the most important thing). In the internet world, the challenges are different as compared to previous century and subsequently, children have to face different issues. The overall personal capacity building concept now depends on different modes, which are totally opposite to the concepts of previous decades.

In countries like India, the teacher vacancies firstly are not filled according to the demand, secondly, if filled, the corruption and bribery is common and quotas have to be obeyed regardless of the performance of the candidates.

The teaching abilities and comprehensive personality test is much beyond the imagination of recruitment sessions. That’s why, the teachers who come into the profession, they don’t have the knowledge, how to grasp the attention of children and how to come at the level of their minds so that topic could be well learned by them.

In the past, only talks were happened to include some kind of performance indicator but the teaching union resisted this approach. They feared that performance based progress will affect them as they have to work hard on students, which is normally absent in the government schools.

The BJP government and union education ministry led by the minister Smriti Irani has decided to take the initiative. Some weeks ago, the minster had said in a statement that she wants to put evaluation system in the teaching profession and promotion should be performance based.

Now! The plan has been completed and in some days, the colleges and university students will get the chance to say about the performance of teachers.  This move has been taken to induce fundamental changes in the teaching profession.

The evaluation will be started with the plan name “Academic performance indicator” and this approach did not depend on the extracurricular activities and research done by the teacher as in 2010 indicator.

The notification is expect in coming days by the union ministry.

The HRD officials said that under this system those student who have the attendance record of 75 % would get the chance to evaluate their teachers and under this system, vital importance is been given to the teacher’s teaching, learning and evaluation capacity.

The changes in the criteria explained by the HRD officials, they said that in the previous criteria of evaluation, 30 % weightage was given to research and 30 % to the co curricular activities.

They said that when research was given more percentage, many substandard publications were seen in not very significant journals and teachers don’t find themselves comfortable by indulging in co curricular activities e.g. like judging a basket ball match then actual concern of teaching.  The teaching bodies had protested against such API system and called it not fair in 2010.


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