Maharashtra NEET 2020

The Maharashtra government is in troubling waters, after the decision by the Supreme Court on the on NEET (national eligibility entrance test).

The minister for education had given the statement that government will hold the classes for students so that they could compensate the course. However, the government is still thinking to devise the plan for such classes and the private institution geared up for taking advantage of the situation and crash course have been offered by many private coaching centers.

The NEET 2 have given the opportunity to Coaching centers to make money – the pre medical business is usually remain low in the months of June and July.

The coaching centres have called the teachers who were on leave and special batches are planned from 16th May.

The Supreme Court, some days before, in reviewed petition said that all state level test would now be illegal and only the CBSE conducted NEET will be considered as the criteria for the admission in medical and dental colleges across the country.

Maharashtra along with some states had asked the court to give the exemption for this year as the time is less and there is a wide space of course level between central secondary board and state’s boards. However, the court rejected the plea.

The coaching centres are claiming that they have specialist teachers for these special coaching classes and a counselor at popular coaching centre said that this short term course that the centre is offering will cover those chapters that are in the central board’s syllabus but not included in the state board’s curriculum.

The charges are in range of 5000-7000 Rps. and the potential candidates for NEET 2 in Maharashtra are forty five hundred thousand. From this, it can well imagined, how the business is flourishing in favor of academies.

The state is almost fighting the lost battle in the apex court and centres are busy in attracting students with their colorful slogan and dream that they made the children to see.

The classes’ advertisements can also be seen in newspapers.

Parent are under extreme pressure these days and with passage of time, the hike to send children to coaching centres would rise and parent have to send their children to centres.

Mother of the NEET aspirant said that no parents would like to save some thousand over children career and 24th July would decide the fate of children.

Till now, the state government is missing for the comment on this as the state minister had said to conduct classes for students. This has been seen a political statement. The government on real ground, can’t work out on any plan that could provided necessary classes to such large number candidates in short span of time. Perhaps, the state minister has realized the depth of situation. In coming days, it is highly unlikely that sate government would take action on coaching centres that are taking high fee.

Not only, in this state, in other states, the situation is more complicated and children are uncertain about the career.


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