Maharashtra Education Ambassador

If we see overall, the concept of promotion of the bright minds that perform well in tough situation is very rare, throughout India. But still, some examples have been in this regard and we have to praise them at every level so that the importance of education and encouragement of the youth could be done.

In such a move, the Maharashtra state government in order to encourage the students in the state and to promote the higher and technical education, appointed a boy, who performed in career well apart from being a tea seller on a road side, its education brand ambassador.

The governments in the past, tried to promote the campaign by using the film celebrities but it did not work. This time, the BJP led state government decided to play safe in this regard.

The aim of the move is to motivate the youth who blame hard circumstances as a barrier in their dreams.

Somanth Goram, a thirty year boy got the media light, after he cleared one of the most complicated and tough exam of charted accountancy. He did so by facing various harsh circumstances. He is son of a farmer from Solapur district. He had to leave home, when it had become difficult to pursue his studies- his family had to face financial difficulties.

The story of this boy would be inspiring for youth. The deputy secretary of higher education department, Sidhart Khirat said that Somanth will visit different universities in the state and the students will come to learn about his experience during his journey of learning and earning.

The Maharashtra state government is under extreme pressure due to the declining condition of education particularly higher education in the state. The colleges and universities are said to be providing low quality education and engineering and management institutions are closing due to the student’s inability to afford them.

A professor on this issue said that due to the drought in some parts of state and global economic slowdown increased the number of dropouts in the state education institutes.

With this boy’s “earn and learn” story, the current BJP state government wants to education those youngster who thought that education and earning can’t be done at the same time.

Somnath said that in 2008, he was landed in Pune with empty pocket and no skills in hand. He said that he managed to open a tea stall and started getting education at the same time.

He said that during papers, he had to hire different people to share the burden of work, which affected his already low profit as he had to give the rent to place, he hired.

He added that he had to sit late at night to study because he knew that his dream was clear to change his life. The determined boy after doing and went for CA exams. The tough exam has a passing rate of less than 5 %. His work hard a last paid and he cleared the exams.


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