Indian Students Fight in China

Indian students are studying in all countries almost, around the world. From Switzerland to New Zealand, they carry the flag of nation and contributing in the progress of host nations, the world see this with the eye of respect and continuously offer the scholarships so that more Indian students could come to their countries to enhance cooperation in various sector.

However, sometimes, Indians involvement in some illegal activities badly affect the Indian image and whole community have to face the music. In drug trafficking, human smuggling and other crimes – a number of Indians are the cause of shame for 1 billion Indians.

In the neighboring country China, the number of Indians is increasing both in the job sector and study. China’s international scholarships are the best opportunity; a student can get to acquire quality education free of cost. The Indian students although are not much and china is not the preferred destiny for education but still thousands of students are enrolled on government scholarships in different universities.

Recently, an incident damaged the name of India because fight between two groups of Indian students in Three Gorges University in Yichang city of Hubei province. The students used the knives to attack each other.

The students are enrolled in medical programs. A student was stabled with knife that had to rush to hospital after the serious injury. The university in response to the failure to comply with discipline expels all the students.

After the news, the Indian government reached as it was the shame for the country due to the involvement of Indian students, an advisory sent to all students. In the advisory, the embassy said that government of India and Indian embassy will not encourage any kind of ill behavior or other incident in future that create negative image of India. The advisor also added that majority of the students are law abiding but the action of the few can affect the majority.

They embassy cautioned that in future, embassy and consulates will show zero tolerance policy in case of such incidents.

The number of Indian students in china is 14000 and most them are studying in medical institutes.

The students are opting China because the cost of education in India has risen while the number of seats are low. The China, in the recent times, becomes the favorite destination for students that earlier were preferred Eastern Europe for the education needs. The Chinese universities have attained global status by research and quality.

In China, the main issue is the language even institutes preferred English as medium of instruction but they can’t be adjusted in society as like England and USA.


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