Heat wave-Schools closed earlier

The temperature of the earth overall is increasing and every years, due to heat waves, several lives are gone. Countries and health departments issue special press releases about the safety measure against the heat wave. The teenagers can survive it easily but older ones and children can become an easy victim for the heat, especially, the school going school.

This year, the temperature has been raised, some days earlier, as expected and in India, many cities have been caught by the intense heat waves. This situation is affecting the routines and timing in government offices and education institutions.

To counter the effect of his abrupt rise in temperature, the education department has decided to start the summer vacations before the designated time. The advance strategy is basically aimed to save the children from the heat as in some cities; the people can’t even go in front of sun after 10 am.

According to the decision, the junior classes will start their summer break from 28th of April while the other senior students would go to summer vacation from 8th of May.

According to the statement issued by the secretary education, this intense heat wave can cause problem for the school going children and their health can be affected that’s why the decision to start the vacations early has been taken.

Students till class 8 will be included in the junior category and from 1st to 8th class, the vacations will be start from 28th of April while for other students of 9th to 12th class, they vacation’s starting date in 8th May.

The senior students will now have to come 10 days more, to facilitate the students, the timings have been changed and now they would study from 6:30 am to 10:30 am. Before this the education department had directed the schools to conduct the classes from 7 to 11.30 am.

Indian metrological department has said that temperature in some cities rose three degree above the average.

The Jamshedpur city is burning nearly at 45 degree Celsius even in the month of April.  In many cities, the temperature is above the 40 degree. This is serious concern as every year the temperature is rising, with the constant number.

However, the decision taken by the education ministry is correct and on time and children don’t have the physical capability to counter the heat. In schools, load shedding and other issues are also the barriers in this extreme weather.

The general public must also be given the necessary education about taking the necessary measure so that they could not be the prey to this disastrous heat wave.


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