Indian Education: A Colonial Idea

The developing countries are fighting with the evils of illiteracy but did not know the exact tools to fight this non availability of education. Education does not need only school building & some teachers but also the idea behind education is the preparation of educator and the curriculum that prepares a nation.

The old teaching methods still can be found in education system and don’t know why the governments in the past decades did not care to replace them with the new ones. We even don’t see that those who had given us the teaching system changed their own.

On this issue, former vice chancellor of Karnataka state law universality share his ideas on the 10th anniversary of Government First grade Degree College and Postgraduate Centre.

He said that colonial influence still can be seen in the Indian education system and the system needs immediate and fast changes. In the functions- he also said that even after the six decades, India did not free itself from the British colonial setup and education is also still suffering.
He took a dig at the system and said that this system has detached us from the social cultural traditions and this system just education us to copy the things from the west.

He emphasized that we need reform in our system on immediate basis from primary to higher education level, the changes that could reflect our local culture and issues of the land. He added that only this kind of system can put the development on fast track basis.

On the issue of universities and institutes, he said that educational institutes in Bidar and Raichur must be disaffiliated from Gulbarga University so that the burden on it would be lowered.

He gave the idea to of two universities each in Bidar and Raichur. A large majority of notable government officials and member of law making institution also participated in the ceremony.

PM Modi some month before had said that government will change the laws that are still in the system but are of colonial era. Shining India or make in India campaign can’t get the excellence and required progress will remain a dream until the education system did not qualify both in terms of quantity and quality.

The schools and colleges still lacks the required number and government in the last budget decided to fund ten universities so that they could become the centres of excellence in their field. The government must provide the basic facilities in millions of schools around the states after those, these luxury ideas are affordable. Will making only ten universities centres of excellence affect the lives of children in villages? We need to invest in our total education system and from the grass root level.


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