Indian Government Negligence Effect Bijnor Schools

The public schools throughout India have been neglected even by giving the basic facilities and where the facilities have been given, there is no check and balance and the future of students have been spared in the hand of teacher. The attendance of teacher is more complicated issue than students. Teachers use fake attendance to get the pay. The education department knows this but as it is the nature of public departments to remain silent and let the wrong happen till that they are not affected.
Same case has been seen in schools in bijnor.

The central government along with the help of state had given 2000 million for the up gradation for the primary schools so that the condition of the schools in the district could be improved, but instead of improving it has become worsen.

Several offers were made to attract the students as free education, dress and books and mid day meals but the enrollment remains as it was. Even some schools show low attendance then they had before. The teachers’ attendance has also been gone down.

This can remain unearthed but the sudden check by the district cane officer opened the secrets. The officer visited three schools on a random check and came to know that in all these three schools attendance is just 10-20 %. A school has only three students and teachers are also absent.

In the bijnor district, there are total 2500 primary and higher primary schools in which more two hundred thousand students get the education.

This random check is happened as the district administration had given the duties of random checks to district officers of various departments. They are asked to check the attendance via sudden checks and also assess the affairs of government run primary and higher primary schools.

According to the finding by the district cane officer, OP Singh, when he visited schools, he came to know that attendance is much less than the actual one.

In Meerapur Khadar School, out of 55 enrolled only three were present. While in Dattiyana junior school, 33 out of 148 were in the school. In Sujaatpur Khaddar School, 23 students were found from 106 that were registered.

When the officer inquired some of the basic facts from the present students, he was amazed to know that most of the students were not known to manipulation tables and basic formulas. The notebooks neither was in order nor the teachers had checked that.

The proof and photocopies have been obtained and within some days, the report will be sent to the district officers in this regard.


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