Criticism on RTE (right to education) Act

Modi government has come under the radar of many critics as two years have been gone and promises that were done in election have yet to be implemented. On the promise “RTE-right to education act amendment” is under criticism from 2009, they day of its inception and BJP criticized it in their opposition days and prime minister had vowed to change it with the power in his hand. Till now, no changes have been even proposed and the government has almost touched the second year of its working.
Some analyst called this delay as the inability of the ruling BJP to bring some original idea in reply of existing laws and over dependence on bureaucrats.
Some research studies have come in this regard that show the performance of right to education act – a NGO Prathan, whose annual education report has a widespread credibility, in its report said that between 2010-2014, the percentage of rural students in class 4, that were capable of double digit subtraction has dropped from 58% to 40 %. The report also said that those percentages of grade 4 students, who were able to read the first grade text, have also been fallen to 56 % from 68 %.
Some analyst are of the view that with RTE instead of promotion of education and ensuring the full school enrollment –that situation has become more complex and administrative as the schools owner care more to deal with bureaucrats, who have the power to shut down the school, incase, school did not complete the requirement that are written in the RTE. In many areas, the tussle between school owner and bureaucracy has been going on and the education status is the prey of this competition.
According to the national independent school alliance – nearly 5500 schools have been closed since the implementations of this law along with 15000 have been in the radar of bureaucracy. They also said that schools have to pay the inspectors for the smooth running because some requirement that they can’t fill including the requirement of bachelor of education for teaching the class six and student teachers ration 1:30, which they can’t implement.
The London University professor, Geeta kingdom said that RTE is actually putting the education back in India and this law pays importance to playgrounds and laboratories more than the learning.
She also said that this law actually taken apart the advancement from the education achievement.
The new education policy has yet to come and the consultation process is still going. Three deadlines have been gone but the policy has still not presented to government by the official committee that is also composed of bureaucrats.


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