New Education Policy Delayed

The present Indian government is going on with its mindset to change the laws in many sectors and to introduce the reforms, where necessary. A similar kind of policy work has been going on “new education policy” that is the wish of the Modi government. Five member draft committee has been working since many months but still even the initial draft has not been come. Earlier, it was that the draft would come in front of people in December 2015 but again it was delayed. This is due to the country wide consultation process to listen to the demand & grievances of the people and to take suggestions by the academicians and state governments so that it could be a comprehensive plan and policy.

The deadlines have been missed and the committee is meeting with individual stakeholders to know the opinion. The Ministry of human resource development had decided to consult all the stakeholders’ across the country. The consultation was done at various levels: district and local bodies are also consulted. The suggestions have been sent to the committee.

The committee headed by former cabinet secretary, TSR Subramanian had announced that the draft report will be out by December.

A source told the media that the suggestions that are coming from remote areas are actually grievances which don’t have any kind of idea to take education forward.

Most of the suggestions that came from villages and other districts say that schools should be build up in their villages or about faculty positions that are vacant. The districts demand for setting up colleges in their areas.

These are actually the development issues, the committee that has been formed need to present a model or a new plan by taking into account the modern needs and innovative concepts of learning –this can be done by consulting the individual academia and other specialists in education sector both in India and abroad to know the actual techniques to advance in education not only setting up schools.

 A senior academia who has been consulted in this regard said that the policy must have clarity and the aim, which it lacks at this stage. He added that the policy lacks focus as he understood from the discussion with the policy makers.

Te first education policy was came in 1968 with the aim to education of all while the second came in 1986 with the idea of the promotion of higher education. The policy in 1992 had emphasized on technical and professional courses.

The nation is waiting for the policy as this delay affecting the much needed sector to reshape itself. The committee must submit the draft as soon as possible.


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