Indian Boy’s incredible journey

Indian students are full of innovative ideas and in talent they are nonetheless from any students around the world. Our system is full of stories that impacted the society and inspired the youth to do more even in crucial circumstances.

A boy, Ankur Majumdar, from a small district Nabrangpur from Odessa has been selected in exchange program and a day ago, he has already joined 29 other students to fly to Japan to join the program.

The program is organized by japans’ science and technology association in collaboration with Indian government’s department of science and technology.

Ankur worked on a project of treating the human waste in trains that was the most credible thing in his profile.

This is first kind of story of its kind from Nabrangpur in which nearly 57 % population never attended school, in their lifetime. However, after the story of Ankur, the situation is changing and now the people have much information about the importance and benefit of education.

The full title of his project was “Utilization of Human Excrement and Environment Safety in the Railways” that gave him first position at the district and state level in “INSPIRE”- a DST competition-the aim of that is to attract the science talent. Last year, he stood second from Odessa at a national competition, held at Delhi.

The all 29 exchange program students selected on the base of INSPIRE program.

Total, 248 students from Nabrangur had qualified for the science project and Ankur won it – he is a class 10 student at government high school, Murtuma. These days, he is a student of first year in Gurukrupa junior college at Umerkot.

Ankur said that he got the inspiration of this idea from a clerk of his schools, who once came up from a train journey and told him how he felt; he saw the human waste on tracks. He added that the clerk actually asked me to develop an idea to solve this issue and after discussion it with my science teacher, the model came up.

His father, who is truck driver by profession, has played a vital role in the competition of the model as he helped with the cardboard model with dummy wagons and red engine.

His science teacher Shivram Panigrahi also helped him- he sat and discussed with him the key points in debates that went for hours.

Ankur said that after school, I had to go to sir’s home, where we discussed the various aspects and develop the model.


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