TFI partnership with Lanxess India

“Teach for all” is a worldwide foundation that works all over the world to provide brilliant minds to schools that have not sufficient manpower to teach students. Its daughter organizations work under its umbrella but with name of the country of working like Teach for India, Teach for Pakistan.

Teach for India is working for many years and giving the much needed mind power to public schools to compensate much lower teaching staff. The working strategy of TFI is; it hires outgoing graduates irrespective of the degree but gives them market based salary and benefits. All they have to do is to teach in a public school for two years. The maximum period of contract is two years. Every year, fresh graduates are inducted and thousands of applications come after which a rigorous selection process selects very few.

To provide the market based salary every subsidiary of Teach for All has to depend on local sponsor or donation by corporate sector to run its affairs. It is not an easy job because with contracts with the hiring graduates, you have to give them salary as mentioned; so you should arrange timely and sufficient fund.

Teach for India depends on many corporate companies for the smooth running for its academic activity. One such company in Lanxess India private limited. It is actually subsidiary of German chemical company Lanxess. The company gives 75000 Euros to TFI (nearly 53 hundred thousand in Indian rupees) for projects till 2018. The funding is a part of company’s welfare strategy to fund leading nonprofit foundation to provide quality education to Indians. The funding will help TFI to support 50 fellows of its pool for two years. So far with company’s funding, 2275 fellows have completed their tenure. This funding will specifically help in Mumbai operations of TFI.

The Managing Director, Laxness India Pvt. Ltd, Dr. Perez handed over the cheque to CFO of TFI, Dimple Gujral. On the occasion, Dr. Perez said that education is a crucial tool to secure future of generations and by partnering with TFI, we would like to spread the light of knowledge. He also appreciated the work of teach for India and showed his happiness on the behalf of company to be a part of this cause of helping the education needs.

In the ceremony, the chief financial officer, Dimple Gujral also addressed the participant and praised the associations of Lanxess with teach for India.

Lanxess has also taken many other initiatives for welfare causes. They are funding nonprofit organizations who are working in the field of education, skill training and for preserving cultural heritage. The effort of company must be adored and should be given necessary coverage so that it can set an example for other profitable companies.


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