Changes in Curriculum in Planning

The JNU incident that changes the student politics dynamics, now has given enough disturbance to political circles that state governments have planned to induce changes in curriculum.

Two important decisions have attracted the people and government is now trying to implement it hardcore agenda in the name of JNU issue.

First: The ministry of HRD, which is working under the guidelines of union minister HRD, Smriti Irani has pursued all the universities to wave national flag in their universities so that a feeling of patriotism can be infused in students.

Second: Recently, Rajasthan Minister, Vasudev Devnani has sparked the debate by his statement that changes are in planning in school curriculum and stories about freedom movement fighters will be included in the books so that Kanhiya Kumar type person could not be born in state.

He also added in his statement that patriotism will have to be induced in students for which major changes in curriculum will be made.

The BJP led government has now turn its cards and using this (JNU) incident to implement its long awaited agenda of patriotism which is different in view by BJP. The congress led govt. was always raised the slogan of liberal India to safe guard the interests of all minorities. Secularism was the only political achievement on which India could have proud, which is now in dander.

Rajasthan has strong hold of BJP and it has decided to start its movement to change curriculum from there. The order to wave flag in universities in also pointless; Universities are knowledge house where ideas and innovation are made. The University students are usually mature and their minds are already built than what’s the meaning of time wasting in flag ceremonies.

The BJP needs to understand, some incident are critical and sensitive and are not solved with such hyper reactions.
The government had to respond the protest of JNU student union with intellectuality and wisdom and proper briefing should have been given on Afzal Guru hanging.

The sedition charges added fuel to fire and now the students have decided to march to parliament to free their two remaining in - custody students. If this happens, they will gain the much needed national and international media attention. The government will do what? Use force? Or expel them for university?

These are not some residents blocking road for utility bills; they are students and you have to deal with them in educated way.

The changes of curriculum, if have to be done, than all the sectors of society must be taken into confidence. The curriculum has vital importance in nation state. The curriculum includes all the factors of ideology and patriotism; it should not be changed to fulfill a party’s ideology. The BJP had also made changes in its last tenure and now it is again striving for playing with country’s future.

The matter can be easily solved by releasing two students and removing sedition charges. The heat will lose its temperature with passage of time.


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