Martial Arts in CBSE schools for girls

The incidents of rapes and harassing of female students are highlighted not only in national media widely but also on western media in recent past. The nation as a whole felt shame on attitudes of some lunatic males. The girls after the incidents feel insecure; the mainstream cities are not even safe from this wild aptitude of males who don’t know the dignity of women. The govt. has tried to address the issue many times but did not seem even partially successful. The rape incidents are still going on; in the buses, at bus stop, in metro train - everywhere girls have become a source of amusement for boys.

Some organizations on their own behalf tried to come forward and gave the self defense training by teaching the martial arts. Media and civil society also raised voices for concrete action against harassing and strong punishment in laws are being proposed. The law making on this issue did not come into process. Even the statement of many minister of provisional governments have proven that politicians are not ready to give up their stance.

Recently, central board of secondary education has taken the step in this regard. They have directed all the affiliated schools to teach self defense to girls through martial arts. CBSE said in a statement that this kind of training will help the girls to become more aware with surrounding and they don’t have to rely on someone for help in case of harassing. Through this they will gain the ability to remain alert.

The strategy and initiative of CBSE received mixed review. One teacher Goda Ram of a CBSE affiliated school said that this training will not help in stopping rapes but still it’s good as a first to begin with. The sensitizing boys are socio-cultural issue, which will take series of efforts to show result.

The martial arts experts are of the view that this kind of training will not only give girls the physical strength but also the mental strength.

The other factor to be highlighted here is the effect of movies and dramas run by entertainment media. In many movies, the women have been shown as a helpless character that can’t do anything and a very easy prey for the hyper male counterparts. It has been shown several times that girl needs someone to help her and she is not strong enough to protect her.

Self defense training is no doubt a good step to empower women but not the concrete one. The fight against rapes and harassing has two fronts, Social and Legal.
On social front, we-as a society needs to be change. We should educate our girls that they are not helpless and don’t require any one for help. Media and social forums can helpful in this regard. Changes in curriculum are needed along with some responsibility of entertainment media and movies content would be far better.

On legal front, the government should run the cases of rapes on fast rack basis and increase the punishment in case of proven victim. Capital punishment should be given to culprits especially who rape and kill innocent Childes.


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