Smriti Irani visit of IIT

Last year, the weather forecast has gone wrong and the summer season started in the month of April. The public was not ready for this and the children who are going to schools and colleges don’t know how to face this situation as this is the study days.

The human resource minister, Smriti Irani has found the missing arrangement in the hostel of the IIT Delhi, many proper measures were not been taken even as the heat wave was continuing. The administration after the union minister’s notice has allowed the coolers in the hostel rooms and the management is also decided to install air conditioners in the common areas.

Actually, the HRD minister went to IIT for the inauguration of a new teaching learning complex and there she decided at the spot to meet the students in the boys’ hostel and also in the girl’s one.

According to the officials of the institute, the ministers met with the students and also interact with them. The minister also took a look at the facilities in the hostel for the heat wave season and there she found that the facilities were not up to date and many were missing. After which, the director of the IIT announced the package for the hostel in the meeting with concerned officials.

The management has decided that with the package, air cooler will be allowed in the hostel rules and arrangement would also be taken to provide cool and safe drinking water in all blocks.

The administration also decided to centrally air condition all the common areas and in the future, the hostels will be constructed with central air condition facility.

The students during interaction also complained about the condition of the dining halls and mess of the hostel. On this, the administration has allocated funds in the package for the modernization of the kitchen and dining halls.  These measure will first be implemented in IIT Delhi and then to all IIT’s of the country.

The minister visited the girl’s hostel after inspecting the boy’s ones, and found many irregularities there also. She said that the hostels are not up to the mark and need to be improved.

The steps taken by the director of the IIT are just the face saving after the minister’s visit. It is very kind gesture of Smriti Irani to visit personally and criticizing the situation. These measures have to be taken much time before and the HRD should take the action now and conduct a survey in all federal universities in the first step to check the facilities in the hostels.

In mostly universities, the situation is bad even from that shown in IIT. How can you aspect that students will perform better if they have to face the difficulties of living and studying peacefully in the hostels.

The government through a circular must sent notices to all universities to update the measures in hostel and some checks must be made to better the situation.


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