AICTE cancelled affiliations in Telangana

The quality of the higher education is demanding firm action from government agencies but the government doesn’t have time to act. The rankings of the institution are falling each year and instead of rise with the rise of funding, the quality is declining.

The AICTE ( all India council for technical education)has decided to act on its part and cancels the the approval for the 73 engineering, management, pharmacy and poly technique institutes for offering admissions in the year 2016-17. The approval is cancelled due to the poor academic record and below standard infrastructure and faculty.

The colleges have to now re apply for the affiliation and have to defend their case to get the approval. With this cancellation of affiliation, the current students in these institutions will not be affected. The students who are passing out this year are arguing that this decision will affect them as the degree issueed now issued by these institutions would not be recognized.

The technical institutions all over the country have to apply to the AICTE and every year, they have to verify their affiliation from the council. For the re verification, the institutes have to update their info like infrastructure, faculty and academic record on the website AICTE and after which the board officials verify the information either it is correct or not, after the verification of the information, re affiliation is been sanctioned.

The colleges from Telangana did not fulfill the requirement and standard as set by the council after that the council acted against them. AICTE senior officer said that this is the routine process and when the colleges fail to provide the relevant details, the applications for re verification get rejected.

Not just these 73, AICTE also shut down 10 institutions in the country for good because management had not wanted to rum them anymore. 55 courses offered by various colleges of technical education in India have also been closed due to the fewer takers for the courses.

The council, as per resources has also reduced the land requirement for the engineering colleges and for the closure; the norms have also been reduced. This process is the attempt by the board to better the situation of technical education in the country.

The educationalists are considering it as a good step for the education. However, the board should also re define its policy for the verification, the existing policy have flaws where the research and innovation don’t have space in the institutions. The colleges some time use the information from outside resources and mentioned it as their own to get the registration.

The annual evaluation based on the market view of the graduates should be included in the assessment for re verifying the registration. The communication skills training must be made essential to get the degree from the technical institutes. As in today’s world, the requirements of the job have been changed and students have to be groomed in universities.


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