Delhi University Digitalization

Universities are the place where the innovative ideas given the shape of reality and public viability. The world has changed much in the field of education and particularly higher education, now ideas are not just given the shape for research but the commercial aspect is been taken into account so that the product could benefit the masses across continents.

The universities have gone much beyond the normal procedure of administration and in the universities of Europe and U.S. e – governance is very common and on university campuses, green campaigns have been induced. In India, the condition of education is like something that can be seen just with pity. The political interference and lack of transparency has damaged the actual purpose of universities.

The universities’ administration practices are not good even an inch better from the outside country. The universities are the knowledge houses but here we make them just degree given institutions. This is the major setback in the area of employment and millions of graduates from the higher education institutions come in the market without having the adequate knowledge. The Delhi University has taken an initiative in the area of e-governance. The university will provide the mark sheets, degrees and migration certificates online with the help of just a click. From July 1, the students would enjoy this online facility.

The university claims that this is the first university to provide these documents online, getting of which was a tough job before this policy. The university official said that from July 1, the university alumni will be able to get the mark sheets, attestations, migration certificates and transcripts online and Delhi University will deliver the document on the destination of the applicants.

The official further said that students have to enter the enrollment number, examination roll number, after that they have to select the document from the list that would be available on the online catalogue and after selection, they payment could be paid online. Electronic copies of transcripts, attested degree certificates and migrating certificates will be given online via the process. However, the original degree and mark sheet will be given on the personal attendance to the required office due to the security reason.

The official also said that when a applicant will apply for the delivery to service employer, visa agency or the university, after the submission of application, the applicants will get a password- in the form of personal identification number and that application will then share with the agency or institution, who could then access the document online.

The university is also in the process of digitizing the mark sheets of recent years. Last year, online mark sheet were given to the students enrolled in undergraduate students, including the candidates of open learning. The nine departments of post graduates students also provided the marks sheets online. But on the official level and for all, the offer is made for the first time in university and in the country.


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