India- Myanmar Education Cooperation

India has always remained the favorite education destination for many Myanmar students. The reasons are socio- cultural. As majority of the population lives as middle class in Myanmar and India has a border with country.

India these days, expects more number of Myanmar students because of the higher education sector of India that is much higher in quality and affordable as compared to other Asian countries.

Gautam Mukhopadhaya, the Indian ambassador to Myanmar said that he is expecting much more students to go to India for education as education is not costly as compared to Australia or Singapore.

He said that like Myanmar, India is a developing country and we have common culture in many areas.

He also said that the east region of India is closer to Myanmar and students can feel like home there. He added that we have similar food that is also favorable.

On education, he said that in India, normally, a three years program costs four hundred thousand including the tuition fee, food and accommodation – they (students) will also get the chance to work of multinational companies if they get the job.

The ambassador said that education is an important pillar in the relations between both countries and India has a very good record for providing the English based education to the Myanmar people.

Recently, 15 Indian universities participated in third India education fair in Myanmar. The institutes were AIMS Institute, Mody University, ITM University, and Amity University etc.

Ambassador said that this fair was a private initiative. He said that there is a need to aware the youth of Myanmar about the Indian universities that are yet not popular there.

He urged the Indian education sector personals to invest and establish schools, colleges and universities in Myanmar if the rules and regulations would permit it.

On the medical education, he said that a lot of Myanmar patients are going to India for the treatment; they will know the standard of Indian medical schools there and will definitely think to send their children to India for the medical education.

He said Indian government, every year, awards 10,000 scholarships to international students to study in Indian universities and 25 students from Myanmar are studying on this facility. Additionally, India offers two scholarships schemes through Myanmar education ministry, on which he said that 40 Myanmar nationals are getting education in various subjects.

The ambassador said that in case, more number of students will come, the government will revisit its policy of scholarship and definitely more scholarship opportunities would be offered to students.

The ambassador’s views are no doubt worthy but the there is a wide flaw in relations between both countries, and till that is not filled, any kind of cooperation would not be successful.


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