Declining Status of Higher Education in Jharkhand

Higher education has become a highlighted issue in the education sector of India. Each day, the news is coming about the quality, lack of seats, or more seats, where not needed.

Last days, report about the quality of higher education said that apart from one or two education institutes, remaining are producing candidates that are earning less than 10,000 (in case, they got a job).

The medical education is losing its credibility, after the corrupt practices done by private medical colleges. Donations are used to get the admissions. All these news show the dire need for the betterment in the higher education sector of India.

The Jharkhand, in this regard has decided to take the step forward by the invitation to private institutions to start their set up in Jharkhand in all districts. The state government also decided to take the financial help from corporate so that the situation could be improved.

Ajay Kumar, the secretary of the state’s higher education and technical education said that the national average for one engineering college is 700,000 students, while in Jharkhand; this average is 21, 00,000.

He said this while addressing the education excellence summit conducted by Assocham state chapter.

The officials of human resource development are planning to build 700 higher and technical colleges so that the burden of such large population on some institutions could be lowered.

The aim is to set up 700 colleges for which the amount of 70 billion is required according to an estimate. The state has cleared that it can’t bear the burden of such large financial demand.

The government has also planned to make poly techniques and model colleges for women.  The HRD department official said in the summit that in 35 of 91 assembly constituencies, there is no college.

They briefed that 15 university proposals are in pipeline and decision is yet to be taken.

Manish Jaiswal, the BJP MLA, on the issue said that private institutions are business houses. He said that they are many engineering and management institutions in Hazaribagh and Jharkhand that are just selling degrees. He added that they even don’t have the capacity to provide the education to 10 % students, they are giving admissions.

Indeed, the situation is very critical. As with the current situation, if the institutions are not built, the ratio of the unskillful youth will rise, which would not have the required skills for money making- this would create chaos in the state. The federal government’s intervention is vital here as without the financial help this situation can’t be improved.


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