India-Australia education

One of the leading, Australia’s top Indian expert has said that providing education and creating the adequate jobs for the large population of the south Asia is a global challenge like that of climate change. He said that Australia has a role in developing the talent in the crucial demographics. The director of Australia India institute, Prof. Craig Jeffery said that Indian leaders have a sharp focus on providing skills to young Indian and see Australia, one of the key contributors for this.

The Prof. said that one in every ten people in world is Indian and the size of this demography is very large.

Prof. Jeffery will chair “engaging with India 2016” – an annual trade and investment forum in Sydney. On the goal of PM Modi to provide skill to 500 million people by 2022, he said that PM is looking actively towards Australia to assist in achieving this goal.He added that Mr. Modi especially mentioned Australia and U.K. as a source of information and experience for vocational training.

In the last fiscal year, the export of Australia education related services to India worth 2.1 billion $. There are more than 50,000 students from India in education institutes of Australia that becomes 10% of the total international students there. He said that universities are looking for next wave of students and a lot of smart money is on India.

The professor said that there is a stage of transition and after the influx of Chinese students – the universities are now looking of possibilities for attracting Indian students especially in the areas of science and technology.However, the Prof. Jeffery is optimistic about the education cooperation and sees it much beyond the Indian students in Australia including the delivery of courses to India and collaborated research network. He said that no doubt! Australia can work to help India in establishing world class universities.

The number of Indian students’ dropped sharply after the attacks on Indian in 2009 and also by the policy reform and destabilized condition of Australian dollar between2010-12. The situation is much better now and the number is constantly growing since 2013. The tendency of the Australian universities to link up with China is very clear, as according to the University of Sydney’s latest strategic plan, 13 references are to china and only one to south Asia, none of these references pointed out towards India.

Prof. Jeffery, there is a growing mismatch between the aspirants of the youth of India and their capacity to find the work. Prof. also said that there is a question that how will you use the energy of thee millions of population across south Asia., Mah HSC Results 2017 Maharashtra, Mah SSC Result 2017 Maharashtra

He said that this challenge is as important as the climate change for the future of our planet. Now! It depends on Indian government on how to build relations with Australia and use the Australian expertise in the best way. The questions raised by prof. jefffeyr are genuine and require careful analysis.


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