Fee regulation for unaided schools (Chandigarh)

In Chandigarh, some weeks before, complaints were lodged about the commercialization of books and uniform by the schools on which checks had made and education department had warned them. After the parent’s concerns, the education department had decided to made concrete steps in this regard. Now! The draft policy for the regulating of fee in private schools has received the nod from UT administrator Kaptan Singh Solanki.

The education department will now bring the process to take opinions of various stakeholders before finalizing and notifying the policy. The draft says that the expenditure involved for the junior and senior classes are different so the policy exercise would be two sectioned for each school. One category will be made from class 1 to 5 and second from 6 to 10.

The school’s freedom would be respected but the policy will ensure that only such hike in fee should be done – as the level of standards are given. On the profit making issue, the policy says that schools shall not be allowed to make profit from the admissions fee, re admission fee and through the commercialization of books, uniform and stationary. For the uniformity and transparency, the schools expenditures will be checked by the government appointed auditors or charted accountants.

The officials of the education department are saying that the dialogues process will be stated with the private schools heads and with the parents of the children, before the final notification of the policy. It is highly likely that notification for the fee regulation will be given to schools before the start of next academic sessions.

The 5 members committee that was set by the government will now compile the 150 complaints against the schools and the report on the complaints would be submitted to director school education by May 30. The heads of the unaided schools have raised their voices and also protesting on the interfering behavior of the education department in the working of the private schools.

They are arguing that 11 judge constitutional bench of the Supreme Court has given the cleare judgment that private unaided schools will determine the school fee and other norms themselves and they have the complete autonomy for this.

One official of the education department said that we are aware with fact that schools should have adequate funds to give the quality education but the standards have to reasonable. The official said that schools have to be accountable for the fee and some sort of transparency should be introduced in the private unaided schools.

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The policy steps taken by the UT administration will affect thousands of students. Parents had been fed up with the unnecessary demands of the private schools and everyone in the country knows that these schools are been made money making machines. In the schools fee, some charges are included that have nothing to do with the education, its quality or any other thinking that will affect the children’s grooming.


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