Agriculture Universities Ranking

After the release of engineering, management and pharmaceutical institutes, last month and the heated debate on the performance of some institutes, like ministry of HRD, the agriculture ministry has decided to rank the 73 agriculture institutes of India.

The responsibility for the ranking has been given to national academy of agriculture sciences. The NAAS has firstly to develop the evaluation methodology. As per the resources, the initial framework for the ranking process has been designed and in coming days, the universities would be asked to participate in the process.

As per the details, some key determinants for the ranking are quality inputs, increase in agriculture growth in the area of jurisdiction, technology transfer to farmers, teaching, research impact and research excellence.

The meeting of the committee held recently under the minister of state of agriculture Sanjeev Kumar Balyan in which the indicators to measure the quality and performance of the universities given the final authentication and committee also discussed the details to invite the application from the participants. Mr. Balyan will handle all this project of ranking on the behalf of Ministry of agriculture.

One official of the ministry said that after the final approval from the union agriculture minister Radha Mohan Singh, the next procedure would be announced.

One of the interesting moves is the inclusion of award winning farmer in the process of ranking. These farmers are identify and given the awards each years by Indian council of agriculture research.

In the confidential survey, during the process, the retired faculty members of the universities in India and Abroad would be given the free hand to give the opinion about the universities. The view of the award winning farmer will be taken as the stakeholders’ perception - the perception has the weightage of 7 out of 100 total marks.

The mark distribution of ranking is as follows;
33 marks to research, 35 to teaching outcome and facility, 20 to extension ( the lab to end activity), 7 marks to stakeholders and 5 marks to linkages.

Under the category of “teaching outcome and facility” – marks would be given to universities that have good record of digital connectivity.

The final raking will be made by the ranking the participating universities, however, efforts shall be done to include all the 73 institutes in the ranking.

The ministry believes that this process of ranking the universities will help the universities to self access themselves on the basis of quality and through this they can enhance their skills., Mah HSC Results 2020 Maharashtra, Mah SSC Result 2020 Maharashtra

The main objective of the ministry behind this initiative to ranking will improve the ranking of the agriculture institutes in the world university ranking.

After the successful completion of the HRD ministry ranking, the Agriculture ministry has tightened its belts to know the quality of agriculture education. This process was much needed and must be started in the previous government so that the actual situation of the quality could be come up in front of nation and efforts were made according to them.


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