Issue of Medical Council of India

Education has become a matter of money making in many developing countries. The entrance of private sector in education sector changed its quality factor. The other factor is the inabilities of governments to provide sufficient education facilities to the rising population. The governments at last have to give permission for the private education institutes at higher education level. India is also one of the countries where these kinds of education disparities have changed the education dynamics.

The registration and admissions in medical colleges are in news and irregularities have come to media many times. The Govt. at last took action and in September last year a parliamentary committee was constituted by the Indian parliament’s standing committee on health. The report for special committee has come and after which the standing committee has slammed Medical council of India for its inability to regulate the medical education in India.
The mandate of the committee was to review the working of health department and to analyze the registration irregularities by medical council of India while registering new institutes.
Some years before, the Central Information Commission had also taken dig at MCI over the issuing of MBBS degree by unauthorized authorities and also for fake degrees in market. The CIC was the first to raise concerns over the irregular issuing of license to new medical colleges.
The committee has recommended many changes in MCI for the betterment of health education. The committee recommends that Common medical entrance test (CMET) should be the only criteria. The self finance and admission by giving money through informal channels has become common practice. The committee said that these practices should be abandoned. They also recommend that Post Graduate entrance exam should be conducted immediately after the MBBS.
The infrastructure of MCI also came into limelight and committee criticized it and called it “opaque”. The membership should be opened to versatile stakeholders. The committee called to finish the Indian Medical Council Act 1956 under which MCI is working. The committee has asked central government to increase its role in MCI for accountability in education health system. The health ministry’s performance is also questioned for the declining health standards in country.
This issue needs immediate action from Government because fake degree holders are running clinics in the country and playing with the lives of people. Many European countries have imposed restriction on the practice of Asian doctor without passing the required test because they did not believe on the education standards. The use of money and practice of illegal means with the help of corrupt medical colleges staff and administration is really bad for the social value system and purely a social evil.
Many protests have been seen now for the increasing the ratios of quota for lower caste. Recently Jatt community protest with full strength for their quota. These practices if carried on, will damage the quality of education system. Instead, Govt. should work on basic education system and with proper and quality education through school system will make them able to get admission on merit instead of demanding with protests,


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