Girls out of school: Utter Pradesh tops all India figures

LUCKNOW: Although so many strategies are enhanced to promote girls child education in Uttar Pradesh but the percentage of girls child education is still very low. The percentage of girls education under the age of 11-14 in Uttar Pradesh is 9.9%, the highest in the country.

In India, it is found that there is a large disparity between female literacy rates in different states. For example Bihar and Uttar Pradesh have female literacy rates around 55-60%.The Annual States of Education Report (ASER) describes the ratio of girls out of school in Uttar Pradesh is 9.7%.

When the survey was done, it is concluded that 94.7% of children are enrolled in schools. Under the age of 6-14 years, the ratio is increased 93% of children in eight years.

School attendance is itself very essential. It is not be done just to enroll the child in the register, it is very necessary to make sure either he\she is present in school or not. As the volunteer of ASER, Rukmini Banerji said about the school attendance that it is most important factor in children learning. School attendance in primary school is very below showing 60% in Uttar Pradesh.

According to the survey it can be clearly identified that the performance of private school children are much more better then the children of government schools. Dropout rates in government school is very high and education is also very poor .In Uttar Pradesh, after finishing 5 years of their academic years, children are not able to read texts in English and solve the sums at the level of class 2.It is very shameful condition that only 35.4% children in class 8 can read English sentences in Uttar Pradesh.

To grasp this poor condition, the report suggests that it is the time to enhance the capability of children in schools. Every child should be provided free books, uniforms and extracurricular materials. Their attendance should be compulsory. Children needs to motivate in schools to improve their listening, reading and writing skills. Asking questions related to their subject will improve their confidence level. Basic skills are given to them so that they can easily use their mental ability to grasp all over basic concepts which are the need of the time. They are capable to perform mathematical operations on number and solving sums.

For the classes 3-5,it is compulsory to focus on achievable learning of children. Valuable syllabus should be organized for them. The contents of whole syllabus should be according to the mental level of the children. if we want to achieve high targets in it, the whole system should be checked and organized from the bottom roots.


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