JEE main result 2020

The result of joint entrance exams (Main) has been declared by the CBSE (central board of secondary education). Million of students whose fates depend on this result were waiting anxiously for the result. Now! The result is in their hand and admission process is about to begin.

The CBSE has set the minimum number requirement in JEE main exams for admissions in the engineering and technical colleges around India. From the 360 total numbers, only those students will get the chance to apply for admissions that have attained 100 marks in exam. The CBSE has announced this in the press release.

In the exams, almost 1.2 million candidates participated. Now, the board will asked for the JEE Advance test for which only top 198, 228 has been qualified. In this 0.2 million, 39818 are girls.

The 100 mark criterion is for general category while for the other categories, it is relaxed. For the backward class candidates, the criteria is 70 marks, for schedule cast, it is 52 and for schedule tribal aspirants it is 48 numbers out of 360.

JEE advance is applied for admissions in IIT, for which high percentage of the numbers are required normally. In the total criteria, these numbers, that a student gets in JEE account for 40 % while the remains 60 % comes for the marks that a student get in the respective board exam.

In two or three week, the registration for the JJE advance will be completed and test would be conducted. For this milestone, the students must work on their analytical abilities and practice as much as they can, but remember if you practice without taking the time factor into account, it will cost you on exams day.

In JEE main, they only check the surface knowledge and only some questions are included with solution that needs mental capability but in this test, most of the question will test your logical and analytical style of thinking in a limited time frame.

The best practice is to consult the online tests of GRE and other available on the internet. In physics and math, you have to increase you problem solving while in chemistry just comparative study would be enough.

In case, a student did not get the enough marks in JEE advance, with the result of JEE Main, he has an adequate percentage in his pocket to apply for other institutes of technical education or for other engineering institutes.

The 100 marks criteria is set to stop the institution from giving the less numbered candidate admission that can lower the admission standard and quality in education.


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