India-Pakistan Academic Collaboration

Throughout the world, the academic institutions support each others’ research and innovation initiatives. The countries collaborate with each other to transfer and gain more knowledge. Knowledge is something that has no boundaries’ and no bar can put it into hold. In this world of internet technology, the meaning of knowledge has been changed.

Asian countries don’t have much trend of academic collaborations. The universities in these countries, if do some collaborations, they prefer the western universities. In Asia, some countries have done well in certain fields and they can collaborate with each other to facilitate academic researchers and central government.

In India and Pakistan, the relations are never been so smooth that produce something meaningful could be produced at any level of collaboration. Both countries have border tensions and that tension have become the barrier for any kind of effective contact between both countries at the level of masses.

The academic institutions don’t even think to collaborate with each other and exchange the researchers. As compared to other countries of Asian countries, these two have a little better higher education system.

In this regard, the vice chancellor of Panjab University, India, Arun Kumar Grover has proposed the academic links between his university and University of the Punjab, Lahore.

The vice chancellor got the positive reply from high commissioner of Pakistan Abdul Basit.

The proposal was discussed on the sideline of a talk at centre for research in rural and industrial development.

The vice chancellor said that there should be link through video conferencing between both universities.
He said that he wants to make this proposal so that academic in both universities have an effective interaction and for the researchers, to share their findings with each other.

The vice chancellor said that earlier, he had raised this issue of collaboration with his counterpart of University of Lahore.

On the issue, the high commissioner said that this is something that must be pursued. He advised the vice chancellor to go to Pakistan in this regard to discuss the matters with the university managements there.

The higher commissioner further said that some ground work should be done for this and he asked the VC to go to Lahore, on the invitation of University of Lahore. .

The vice chancellor said to high commissioner that he had decided to go at various occasion but every time, he faced visa difficulty for travel.

On which High Commissioner assured him that he will be given the visa in a day’s time.
The Panjab University has its roots with the University of the Punjab Lahore. As before partition, there was a single Punjab university and after partition, like countries, university remained in Pakistan while in Indian Punjab, the university started up with the name, Panjab University.

In case, the collaboration is done, this could be the first of its kind. The both countries, if want to develop the people to people contact, then the education collaboration can be the first drop of rain.


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